Here you can learn a little more about me professionally and personally.

I especially enjoyed the process of developing a personal brand statement in 2005 with Rosemary Davies-Janes , which I now use as an alternative to the boring CV.

The personal and professional mission statements were written in 1998 at a Franklin Covey workshop in San Fransico and have hardly changed a word since.

The Unique Ability® statement was developed whilst working as a client of The Strategic Coach® Inc in 2006.

This blog is a professional and personal sandpit in which I can explain how I feel about my own performance and behaviour and that of other individuals and organisations.

A place to think out loud and reflect on experiences.

The views expressed here are my own and not those of any business in which I have an interest.

It is an equal opportunity blog – you have an equal opportunity to agree or disagree with me. I ask you to defend my right to an opinion to the death as I would defend yours.